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The Cost of Fame

We live in a culture of instant gratification, where moments go viral and fame is instant, but as with most things that flare up instantly, it often burns out quickly and many are ill equipped to deal with either the flare or the aftermath.

Life does seem to be one big popularity contest and the most popular seems to live a charmed life, but have you ever wondered at what cost? 

But here is the thing, awards, recognitions and accolades are great, but it does not replace self-worth and self-love, you have to believe that whether you have an audience of millions or an audience of a few, you are just as worthy and deserving of all good things. Grow, evolve, perfect your craft, but never do it for the fame, do it because you love it, not because others love you.

I recently spoke to an individual that won countless awards in their youth, but once they took a break, others forgot about them and moved on to the next, the truth is, there will always be awards, accolades and recognition, some are based on merit while others are, yep based on popularity, so no matter what you do, if you don't know the person giving out the awards, you will never be included, so instead of trying to win an award, focus on fulfilling your passion, your purpose and your dreams.

One of the most important things to remember before finding fame, make sure you know who you are, that you are comfortable with you, because here is the other side of fame, people will turn on you, people will have an expectation of who they want you to be and if you are not which trust me, it is hard to please everyone, they will turn on you. So, before you find fame, make sure you have found yourself otherwise fame will choose for you, and it is never truly you.

And to those that have found fame, don't take it to heart, still continue to do good, still continue to be kind, find your people, find your peace, don't be moved by the press whether good or bad because it is what you believe that matters!

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